Trusting in Jesus


Trusting in Jesus- Being Laborers for the Harvest

Pastor Jim Huthmaker



God loves His people.


Who does God use? Everyday people. God will use anyone who submits to Him.

Matthew 9:35


What does Jesus ask us to do? Share His word

Matthew 10:1, 5-16


What are we to share? Jesus has given us his authority to go out and share His word.

Matthew 28:18-20


Examples of God using people to share His word:

Peter and John - Acts 4:13-15

Ananias - Acts 22:12-14

Saul’s Conversion - Acts 9:1-6

Jesus (our perfect example) - Mark 6:1-4


If we don’t have the heart for God, if we don’t respond to the things of God; God will use someone else, someone who will yield, someone who will submit.


The blessing is already here. God has spoken what we will do and all we have to do is submit to that.

Acts 2:16-21


God loves us. God wants the best for us. God wants to use us all. We all have a gift from God.