May 2019   
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Jim Huthmaker

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Pastor Jim Huthmaker is a native of SC and is a graduate of Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, CO.  Pastor Jim's hearts desire is to show people unconditional love by the teaching of the uncompromised Word of God. Aside from spending time with his family.  Jim enjoys trail running, gardening and music. Jim also operates The Haven Coffee House located in Lexington, SC. He believes that Christians everywhere should enjoy and take care of God's wonderful creation.

Jessica Huthmaker

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 Jessica Huthmaker faithfully serves in ministering the Word along side her husband.  Jim and Jessica have one son, Elijah and one daughter, Aspen Joy.  Jessica is also a personal trainer and believes you don't have to be in "church" to do "ministry", and should see and experience the healing and delivering power of God operating in everyday life.