Ephesians - Who we are in Christ Part 6

Ephesians – Who we are in Christ Part 6

Pastor Jim Huthmaker


Ephesians 4:15-16

Verse 15 - Speaking the truth in love is telling (teaching) people what the Bible says (what people need to hear) instead of what they want to hear. John 8:32 says “You shall the know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”


Verse 16 - We as the body of Christ need to be working together as a whole to reach the fullness of His calling for us. This must be a joint effort upon all believers.


Verse 17 - As born again believers we are a changed people. We should no longer act, think or have the same actions or results of our “old man”. True salvation saves and changes us.


Ephesians 4:18-19


Ephesians 4:20-24

Verse 20 - We however, did not come to know Jesus that way. Some people take a casual attitude to the Christian life and conduct and that is what the Apostle Paul is addressing here. We should be radically changed when Jesus enters our lives and therefore we should be living radical Christian lives.


Verse 21 - The truth is only found in Jesus.


Verse 22 - We have been taught by God’s Word to put away the old man and put on the new man.


Verse 23 - Continue to renew our minds.


Verse 24 - Our new man was created by God in true righteousness and holiness.


 Ephesians 4:25-29 Practical examples of Old Man vs New Man

Verse 25 - Stop lying, speak truthfully.

Verse 26 - Do not be angry, do not sin, do not even go to bed angry.

Verse 27 - Do not give the devil a chance. (Contemporary English Version)

Verse 28 - Stop stealing, instead work and give to others.

Verse 29 - Do not allow negative words to come out of your moths, only edifying words that build others up.


Ephesians 4:30-32


Ephesians 5:1-17

Verse1 - We are to be imitators of God. To do as He does, after all we are His children.

Verse 2 - Walk in love just like Jesus.

Verse 3 - We should not even consider sexual immorality or impurity.

Verse 4 - We should not engage with obscene talking or joking.

Verse 6 - Do not be influenced by empty or untrue words.

Verse 8 - We no longer walk in darkness because we have seen and walk in the light of Jesus.